When You Need a Labor Attorney

There are times when a company owner needs the sage legal guidance of a labor attorney. When tough issues come up, such as strikes, union negotiations, contract disputes, or grievances filed by your workers, it helps to have legal counsel. Every situation is unique, and employment laws change each and every year. You want to do right by your workers and still run a tight ship. With a lawyer’s advice, you’ll be able to do just that.


Today, a variety of industries have issues that need to be addressed by a labor attorney. These different industries have unions or are in the process of organizing them. Some examples are supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, schools, agriculture, airports, airlines, and the building trades. When the workers form a union, they have collective bargaining rights. In negotiations, these workers have a say in whether or not to accept a contract. When problems arise, legal help is needed.

Contract Disputes

When it’s time to renegotiate a new contract between the workers, their union, and an employer, sometimes it goes smoothly and other times there are disputes. These disputes can be on a range of issues such as pay rate, medical care, working conditions, time off, and more. If an agreement can’t be reached within a certain time period, the employees might go on strike. Strikes can be devastating to a business in many ways. First, experienced workers refuse to do their jobs so there are plenty of unfinished tasks. Second, these employees often walk in front of the site carrying picket signs. This causes many customers to turn away and take their business elsewhere. Appropriate resolution often requires the help of a labor attorney so that everyone ends up in agreement. It’s important to take steps that are legal, or charges might be filed against the company.

Grievances Filed

If an employee has been reprimanded for doing something wrong, he or she might file a grievance. The worker might claim that the reprimand was unjust or not true. In this case, a labor attorney would represent the company to defend its actions. An investigation will be performed, statements of all concerned will be taken, and a decision will be made. A mediation may be held, which is a meeting between the opposing parties in an attempt to resolve the issues.

If you have any collective bargaining problems with your workers, you are not alone. This is a common problem in the world of work today. Whether you own or manage a hospital, nursing home, grocery store, plumbing company, school, or any other unionized company, you want to protect it. You also want to stay within the letter of the law while still being fair to your employees.

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers are present in “nearly every aspect of society, from buying a home to crossing the street.” We all have disputes or difficulties from time to time, but does that mean we need a lawyer to solve them? You may be able to handle some legal claims on your own if they are relatively minor, such as car accidents or on-the-job injuries. Denied Social Security disability claims may also be appealed without the assistance of an attorney. However, you may need to make the decision whether or not to hire a lawyer quickly and at the beginning of your case.

If you are debating whether or not to seek help from a lawyer, it may not hurt to call one anyway. Many attorneys offer free consultations for personal injury, workers compensation, or disability claims, and there is no obligation to have them represent you. Before you decide to handle your claim on your own, be sure to have all of the information you need.

Accident & Injury Claims

Car accidents happen every day, but they are never considered “run of the mill” or “routine” by people who are involved in them. Minor car accidents, including a small bump in a parking lot or a “fender bender” at a traffic light, may only result in property damage. If you and the others involved were not hurt, these claims may be solved by making a call to your insurance company and reporting the accident. Keeping open communication with your own insurance company may help you get the most benefits you are entitled to and quickly.

If medical treatment is unavoidable after a car accident, you may need a lawyer. It is very difficult and confusing to coordinate the different insurance policies that may cover your hospital bills, surgery costs, medical equipment, rehabilitation, and ongoing care of your injuries. It can be extremely stressful to try to do all of these things while dealing with the emotional toll of an injury, so in situations like these, lawyers may be able to help.

Workers Compensation

Injured at work? You may not need a lawyer if the injury isn’t serious and you don’t expect it to require extended attention. In these situations, you want to think about the lasting impact of your injury. Did you have to go to the hospital? Will the injury cause you to miss work? Will you be able to return to the same occupation once it’s healed? Twisting your ankle is a lot different than breaking your leg, so the decision to hire a lawyer depends greatly on how your injury impacts your life. Additionally, if your employer or their workers compensation insurance company denies your claim, you may need professional assistance in presenting the facts of your case.

If you feel that your workers compensation claim can be handled without an attorney, you’ll want to notify your employer of the injury. At that point, if they accept your claim as being covered, you should be referred to a doctor (approved by workers compensation) who can treat you for your injury. Additional benefits may be available depending on your impairment rating and the wages you lost if you had to miss work during recovery.

Social Security Disability

If you are hurt and unable to work, the Social Security Administration may be able to help you. You can apply for these benefits online at ssa.gov. However, many people find that their applications are denied and they have no choice but to appeal the decision. Claimants may do this on their own, but again, the facts of the case may be more effectively presented by an attorney experienced in disability claims.

The first step in appealing your denied disability claim is to file a Request for Reconsideration within 60 days of learning that your initial application was denied. From there, you may be able to submit additional evidence to show the Social Security Administration that these benefits are necessary. There are additional methods of appealing a disability claim if it is not approved in the Request for Reconsideration stage.

An Attorney is Your Choice

Hiring an attorney is just like hiring any other professional: you want to make sure that you have the best person for the job. You may want to talk to friends and family to get their recommendations before making new contacts. However, consumers can find experienced legal help online through websites like findlaw.com and lawyers.com. Discuss a lawyer’s qualifications and experience with them before you hire them to help with such a personal matter.

Whether you choose to hire an attorney or not, there are options available to you in the course of your personal injury, workers compensation, or Social Security disability claim.

Hiring a Labor Lawyer

Many people are unaware of the fact that they are entitled to some employee rights as per the state as well as the federal employment laws. They feel helpless when they face problems at workplace. People often feel that going against the employer will do no good to them. But it is not true. You can always seek legal help if you experience any kind of discrimination at workplace. Labor lawyers can assist you and fight for your right as an employee. You should count on a labor attorney if you are engaged in any kind of dispute with your employer or co-work.

Work place discrimination is quite common in New Jersey. But the law ensures that the person who has experienced discrimination gets justice. New Jersey law gives the victim the right to ask for compensation from the employer or the co-worker who has violated the employee right.

Many people overlook the problems thinking that they are not very serious. But isn’t it better to seek legal help before they become a major issue. Any case is easier to solve in the initial level. Whatever your problem is it is advised that you take legal action immediately in order to avoid any further hassle and appointing a lawyer is the best way to ensure that you win the case.

Discrimination at workplace can make people feel helpless and lonely. In such a mental state it is not possible for an employee to give his or her 100% effort. If you are experiencing any harassment in your office don’t waste time. Contact a Labor Attorney New Jersey immediately. When you are being victimized you have the right to sue the person who is responsible for your sufferings.

It is quite difficult to find the right attorney when you are going through such a tough time. But finding a good attorney will not seem to be a difficult task if you keep some basic factors in mind. First of all you should choose an attorney who specializes in labor law. Make sure the lawyer has experience in the following fields.

a) Retaliation
b) Race Discrimination
c) Religious Discrimination
d) Age Discrimination
e) Family Medical Leave Act
f) Gender Discrimination
g) Wrongful Discharge
h) Whistleblower
i) Disability Discrimination
j) Breach of Contract

It will be better if you can talk to the previous clients of your attorney to make sure that you are choosing the right